PFW Hydraulic Impact Crusher

PFW series impact crusher (European version of impact crusher) is mainly used in metallurgy, mining, cement, chemical industry, refractory materials and ceramics, and other industrial sectors, as well as highway construction, water conservancy projects, building gravel, machine-made sand processing, and other fields.

Raw Materials

Impact crusher is used to crush medium and soft mineral & rock, such as limestone, calcite, granite,barite, gypsum, dolomite, concrete etc


Limestone, feldspar, calcite, talc, barite, rare earth, clay, kaolin, gypsum, graphite, etc.

Working Principle

The European version of the impact crusher uses impact energy to crush materials. When the material enters the impact area of the blow hammer, it is broken by the high-speed impact of the blow hammer, and is thrown to the counterattack device installed above the rotor to break again, and then bounce back from the counterattack liner to the blow hammer action area to be broken again. This process is repeated until the material is crushed to the required size and discharged from the lower part of the machine. Adjusting the gap between the counterattack frame and the rotor frame can achieve the purpose of changing the particle size and shape of the material.

Features & Advantages

1. Unique process design;

2. Semi-automatic operation, simple and quick maintenance;

3. Cast steel structure, high bearing capacity;

4. Simplify the technological process and have a wide range of applications;

Product Video

Technical Parameter

Model Rotor Spec. (mm) Feed Opening
Max. Feeding Size(mm) Capacity (t/h) Power
Overall Dimensions (mm)
PFW1214II Ф1150×1400 1100×1430 500 130-200 132 2400×2310×2550
PFW1315II Ф1300×1500 1200×1530 600 180-320 200 2700×2570×2800
PFW1318II Ф1300×1800 1200×1830 700 240-400 250 2700×2870×2800
PFW1415II Ф1400×1500 1450×1530 700 300-480 250 2900×2700×3000
PFW1214III Ф1150×1400 570×1430 250 90-170 132 2550×2310×2100
PFW1315III Ф1300×1500 625×1530 300 180-270 200 2960×2570×2380
PFW1318III Ф1300×1800 625×1830 300 220-300 250 2960×2870×2380
PFW1415III Ф1400×1500 800×1530 350 280-350 250 3120×2650×2660

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